Endre Szemerédi荣获2012年度阿贝尔奖


匈牙利数学家Endre Szemerédi由于“在离散数学和理论计算机科学方面的根本性贡献,以及这些贡献对堆垒数论和遍历理论方面产生的深刻而持久的影响”而荣获2012年度阿贝尔奖。他最重要的成果之一是Szemerédi定理,该定理表明,对于任何具有正密度的整数集合,存在任意长的算术级数。Szemerédi是匈牙利科学院阿尔弗雷德·莱利数学研究所终身研究员、新泽西州罗格斯大学计算机科学讲座教授。阿贝尔奖由挪威科学与文学院颁发,旨在表彰在数学领域做出具有非凡的深度和影响力的科学贡献,自2003年起每年颁发一次,奖金600万挪威克朗,略超100万美元。2012522在奥斯陆举行阿贝尔奖颁奖仪式,将由挪威国王哈拉尔五世为Szemerédi亲自颁奖。






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Endre Szemerédi has won the 2012 Abel Prize "for his fundamental contributions to discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science and in recognition of the profound and lasting impact of these contributions on additive number theory and ergodic theory." One of his most important results is Szemerédi’s Theorem, which shows that in any set of integers with positive density, there are arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions. Szemerédi is Permanent Research Fellow at the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and New Jersey Professor of Computer Science at Rutgers University.


The Abel Prize, awarded by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, recognizes contributions of extraordinary depth and influence to the mathematical sciences and has been awarded annually since 2003. It carries a cash award of NOK 6,000,000, a little over US$1,000,000. Szemerédi will receive the 2012 Abel Prize from Norway's King Harald in a ceremony in Oslo on May 22.